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Just released...2015 Best Practices Study Results

Congratulations to the 2015 Best Practices Agencies that have maintained their Best Practices Status!  Click here to view the list.

Want to participate in the 2016 Study?  Click here to View the Process at a Glance


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Other Best Practices Studies and Tools

In addition to the annual Best Practices Study, many other useful studies, resources, and tools are available to help agencies improve their performance and enhance the value of their businesses. Two of the most frequently used tools are The Agency Self-Diagnostic Tool and the Joint Agency Company Planner. These Best Practices tools are part of a complete line of Best Practices products and services. Select Tool Kit to explore available resources or go to order site.

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We wish to thank the following companies for their sponsorships which have funded the development of the 2015 Best Practices Study and the update of the Best Practices Gateway.